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  • Lotus Chapman Bespoke will launch first in China, then roll out around the world 
  • Lotus Chapman Bespoke carries the name of our founders, Colin & Hazel Chapman; the highest accolade for this most prestigious initiative 
  • Three main services are available; tailor made, collection, and one-off 
  • Now customers can create their own unique Lotus  

London UK - Wednesday 20 March 2024  Lotus today announced a bespoke service – Lotus Chapman Bespoke – following popular demand around the world. 

The service will provide customers with the capability to customise their Lotus products, from custom badges and trims to complete one-off personalisation of an entire vehicle. 

Initially launching in China from 25 April 2024, the bespoke service will then roll out around the world over the coming months. 

Clive Chapman, son of Colin and Director of Classic Team Lotus, commented; “Together my parents shared an extraordinary adventure.  Their dynamic personalities created innovative designs for the drivers to enjoy. Now the drivers can enjoy creating their own innovations with Lotus Chapman Bespoke.” 

The Lotus Chapman Bespoke name honours Lotus founders Colin & Hazel Chapman who started the business in 1948 in London, UK. A pioneering innovator, many of the designs, technologies and innovations seen in motor-racing today were first developed by Colin Chapman.   

Lotus has always carried that rebellious Chapman spirit; a true originator, he ignored the status quo and was famous for carving his own path, in his own style.  

Qingfeng Feng, CEO, Lotus Group commented; “The story of Lotus is the story of a bespoke carmaker. The first cars were hand-drawn and hand-built at home by Colin Chapman, and that spirit lives on in us today.” 

Lotus cars today are driven by those who share that same spirit and Lotus Chapman Bespoke connects our founders with the drivers of today. Now you can finish your car in your way, the same way Chapman himself would have done. This is why Lotus Chapman Bespoke carries the name of our founders, Colin & Hazel Chapman, the highest accolade we could award.   

With Bespoke, there are three levels of personalisation and customisation to choose from: 

1. Tailor-made: choose your own unique combination from within a broad palate of colours and designs, and finish with exclusive personal touches and details. 

2. Collection: choose from a selection of limited-edition designs, brought to life in partnership with partners, artists and likeminded luxury brands. 

3. One-off: As the name suggests, build a car as unique as you are. 

Ben Payne, VP Design, Lotus Group, commented; “Many of our customers are looking for a bespoke experience; be that colour, texture, fabric, detail – and we are excited to see their individuality stamped on our cars around the world.” 

Three levels of excellence, with almost unlimited combinations to choose from. Search Lotus Chapman Bespoke online or speak to your local Lotus Centre for more information. 



For more information please contact: globalcomms@eu.lotuscars.com


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