Lotus announces order opening for its Eletre, its hyper-SUV in North America

Plymouth, MI, USA – April 16, 2024  Lotus today has announced the pricing of its electric hyper-SUV Eletre in North America. Customers are invited to customize their vehicle and place an order starting today and can expect to receive their cars beginning in Q4 this year.  

Eletre is the first in a new breed of performance SUVs from Lotus. It blends Lotus’ design DNA and expertise in advanced active aerodynamics, with the latest technologies – offering a car that is both fun to drive, versatile and practical for everyday use.  


The perfect companion for every adventure. 
Eletre provides drivers with the confidence to go anywhere with its hyper-fast charging. It can reach a range of up to 250 miles in just 20 minutes and a maximum range of 354 miles with a 350kW-DC fast charger. *

Sportscar levels of performance in the comfort of an SUV.  
It is one of the most powerful SUVs in the world, with rapid acceleration (0-100km/h) in under three seconds. The Eletre R variant features 905hp and 727lb ft (985Nm) of torque, which covers the benchmark (0-100kmh) sprint in just 2.95 seconds and can reach 165mph (265km/h). ** 

Advanced active aerodynamics for the ultimate performance.
Eletre features up to six driving modes including Tour, Range, Sport, Off-Road, Individual, and Track. All cars are fitted with powerful 414mm steel brakes clamped by 6-piston calipers as a standard, and on the Eletre R model, an even larger 10-piston 420mm carbon ceramic option is available. These provide drivers with Lotus’ signature dynamic handling capabilities, as well as a car that is ultrapowerful and pragmatic for day-to-day.  

Room for everything.
It includes an expansive and practical cabin that has plenty of head and leg room in both the front and rear seats, as well as foldable seats including the middle seat at the back of the car, which can be lowered down to become an armrest with two deployable cupholders. It also has enough storage for all driver’s needs with a rear boot capacity of up to 54.1 cu (1,532 litres). *** 

New-luxury travel experience.
Eletre has been designed with a range of sustainable materials including Econyl, Alcantara, and Re-Fiber, which are key touchpoints in the Eletre and offer a modern and sleek interior that makes every entrance and journey feel luxurious.  

Next-generation innovation, designed to be intuitive and enhance the driver experience. 
It features the latest cutting-edge technologies including two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips, as well as 34 sensors - 12 camera, 18 radar and 4 lidar. With over-the-air updates, Lotus is ensuring drivers get the best possible driving experience by continually improving the vehicle over its lifetime.  

An immersive state-of-the-art infotainment experience.
With seven configurable screens including a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen display, Eletre offers a world class infotainment system that is seamless and lag-free, powered by Lotus’ award-winning HyperOS.  

Lotus is the first automotive brand to incorporate KEF's unique Uni-Q speaker design and Uni-Core subwoofer enclosure in its in-car audio systems, providing an immersive, full bodied audio experience, as if sitting in the middle of a recording studio. Every occupant can enjoy the same detailed, natural sound no matter where they are sat.  


Eletre is available in seven colors including Kaimu Grey, Stellar Black, Akoya White, Solar Yellow, Blossom Grey, Red, and Galloway Green. It will be offered in two variants in North America including Eletre and Eletre R. 



Eletre R 








For more information on Eletre, please visit www.lotuscars.com/eletre

Note to Editors 

*Vehicle range may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the starting charge of the battery, options fitted, variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. 

** Target figure when equipped with Eletre R specification based on simulations. High performance features are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention. The driver should take extra care and drive responsibly. 

***Up to 54.1 cu (1,532 liters) of rear boot capacity for five-seater Eletre version and when rear seats are folded. 


Eletre US technical specifications 



Eletre R   


Powertrain configuration 

Full-time all-wheel drive with Lotus ICC intelligent torque distribution 

Electric motor front / rear 

Permanent magnet / Permanent magnet 

Transmission front / rear 

Single speed 

Single speed/ Two-speed 

Max power (kW / hp) 

450 / 603 

675 / 905 

Max torque (lb ft / Nm) 

524 / 710 

727 / 985 

Top speed (mph / km/h) 

160 / 258 

165 / 265 

0-62 mph / 0-100 km/h (secs) 



50-75 mph (secs) 

< 2.0 

< 2.0 

Battery capacity (kWh) 

111.9 kWh 

111.9 kWh 

Battery type 



Battery voltage 



Charging time 10-80% (mins) via 350kW DC rapid charger 



Charging time 0-100% (hours) via 22kW AC wall box 



WLTP Combined range (miles) 

304 ~ 354 miles 

254 ~ 280 miles 


Front suspension 


Rear suspension 



Dual-chamber air 


Continuous Damping Control 


Electromechanical; rack and pinion 

Front brake diameter (mm) 

412 steel 

412 steel, 420 carbon ceramic (option) 

Front brake caliper 


6-iston steel, 10-piston carbon ceramic (option) 


Rear brake diameter (mm) 



Rear brake caliper 

Sliding caliper with Electric Park Brake 

Sliding caliper with Electric Park Brake 




Width with Electric Reverse Mirror Displays 


Width with door mirrors 


Track front / rear 

1,706 / 1,684 


1,630 (20-inch wheel) 

1,636 (22/23-inch wheel) 



Drag Coefficient (from) 


Kerb weight (kg) 

From 2,490 

From 2,640 

Ground clearance 

194 (22/23-inch wheel) 

Rear luggage compartment capacity 

21.6 cu ft (four seats) 

24.3 cu ft (five seats) 

Rear luggage compartment capacity 
(five-seater, rear seats folded) 

54.1 cu ft (1,532 liters) 

Front luggage compartment capacity 

1.6 cu ft (46 liters) 



For more information please contact:
Vanessa Meier
 – PR & Communications Manager, Americas
vanessa.meier@lotuscars.com | 734.608.7769


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