A single line: design origin of the Lotus Emeya hyper-GT

A single line: design origin of the Lotus Emeya hyper-GT


  • Emeya recaptures the aesthetic of earlier iconic mid-engined Lotus designs whilst projecting the brand into a new market segment  
  • Blades of light run across the interior and exterior of the car, demonstrating intelligence and technical design artistry 
  • Signature design elements of Emeya taken directly from Evija, the Lotus all-electric hypercar 


London, UK – 24 October 2023  A single line, running through the profile of the car, from the tip of the nose to the blade of light integrated into the rear. A simple gesture from a creative mind, it’s the design origin behind Emeya, the all-new and all-electric hyper-GT from Lotus.

This single line – the automotive equivalent of a signature swoosh – inspired the ‘hyperstance’, proportions and overall design of Emeya. It seamlessly recaptures the aesthetic of earlier iconic mid-engined Lotus designs whilst carrying it into the future, emphasising dynamism, continuity and agility.

An iconic sports car brand launched in 1948, Lotus rose to fame for its performance-oriented, agile and fun-to-drive two-seaters including Elite, Elan, Esprit, Elise, Evora and, most recently, Emira. Now the brand is transforming.

Emeya draws inspiration from all 75 years of Lotus performance car DNA, whilst being a symbol of progression. It is the future of Lotus. The powerful exterior lines create dramatic musculature, with an ultra-narrow LED running across the rear as part of an intelligent taillight. It’s a theme that translates into the interior, with a further blade of light – and the ‘ribbon of technology’ first seen in the Eletre hyper-SUV – creating a shared user interface for Emeya’s front-seat occupants.

Ben Payne, Vice-President of Design, Lotus, said: “By combining progressive technologies with an aesthetic that draws from the past, Emeya takes us into the future, projecting Lotus into a new segment of the automotive landscape.”

Other signature design elements of Emeya share clear lineage from the Lotus Evija hypercar, and have already been seen in Eletre and the Emira sports car. Porosity, unlocked by eight vents, ensures air flows through the car to improve performance, battery cooling and range whilst creating a striking exterior design.

Emeya also boasts a low centre of gravity, which Lotus calls ‘hyperstance’. Positioning the battery between the wheels and close to the ground creates a true sports car look with a ‘cab-forward’ silhouette. The long wheelbase with short overhangs gives the impression that the wheels are at the corners, giving Emeya a more planted, dynamic stance. Bold muscular wheel arches are a Lotus signature that date back to road and race machines of the 1950s and 1960s, a pure design feature that emphasise Emeya’s performance heritage.


Led by light  

The Lotus Emeya hyper-GT features a unique daytime running light (DRL) design. The road presence of the car is significantly enhanced by this ultra-slim and sharp DRL layout. The headlamps stay almost hidden in the aperture beneath the DRLs, delivering a very clean front-end execution.

Emeya also boasts industry leading taillight technology and design, featuring the thinnest RGB dynamic LED rear light bar ever seen on any production car.


Bold and dynamic Interior

In the interior, a single blade of light runs round the cabin, creating a cocoon of progressive luxury for all occupants. The ultra-thin winglets which flow into the centre of the dashboard are a subtle nod to founder Colin Chapman’s famous passion for reducing weight everywhere, while also highlighting the design team's attention to contemporary craftsmanship.

All elements of the interior are designed and ergonomically developed with the same philosophy of lightness through form and materiality. Blending progressive performance and technical artistry, Emeya’s interior makes extensive use of durable repurposed fibres and advanced luxury materials.

Knurled metal on all interior touchpoints offers luxurious tactility, further enhancing the sense of refinement. Exposed carbon fibre elements bring the focus back to the brand's illustrious racing heritage, gently reminding occupants that Emeya is a performance car ‘For The Drivers’.

The creation process behind Emeya has made use of analogue and digital tools. The car was crafted physically using traditional methods, then refined digitally. A parallel process involved constant development of clay models, digitalisation, rework, refinement and review in physical and virtual environments, accelerating the speed and precision to which Lotus could bring Emeya to market.

The world-class design team is led by Ben Payne, Vice-President of Design at Lotus Group. Ben brings an extensive knowledge of automotive design and brand, having held influential roles at several premium car companies and creative agencies.

The global premiere of Emeya took place in the heart of New York City, USA, in September 2023 as part of Studio Emeya, a three-day immersive brand experience showcasing the past, present and future of Lotus.

Further information on Emeya will be released during Q4. Details on market availability and pricing will be announced at a future date.







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