Lotus and friends launch the ‘US LOT Sessions’ Podcast

  • Season 1 of the ‘US LOT Sessions’ now available for download
  • Guests include Ant Anstead, Magnus Walker, Matt Farah, the Goblin Works Garage team and other well-known Lotus owners and fans
  • Legendary Lotus test driver Gavan Kershaw explains vehicle dynamics at 120mph in Episode 1
  • Search for ‘US LOT Sessions’ and download it now from iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher and ShoutEngine
  • Season 2 already in development

In 2019 Lotus launched the US LOT Podcast as part of a drive to enhance internal communications across the company. To keep in touch with performance car fans around the world affected by social distancing and self-isolation during Covid-19, the podcast was launched as a new public service broadcast from Lotus. Season 1 is now available for download.

Why the name US LOT? There are numerous theories about the origins of the name ‘Lotus’, with the truth lost over the seven decades since. One story is that it derived from ‘Us Lot’, the phrase that founder Colin Chapman used to describe his first employees.

Gavan Kershaw

Ant Anstead

Helen Stanley and Ant Partridge

Rob Borrett

Each episode is hosted by Rob Borrett, Lotus PR Manager, in conversation with a special guest who has a strong connection to, or love of, Lotus. In Season 1 Rob chats to:

Ant Anstead: TV’s Wheeler Dealer and Master Mechanic reveals how a Lotus Elise saved his life

Magnus Walker: the legendary Sheffield-born ‘LA Urban Outlaw’ car collector shares stories of Lotus ownership

Matt Farah: the American automotive journalist and host of The Smoking Tire podcast chats about driving Lotus cars, including a road trip around California and going full throttle on some its best race circuits

Helen Stanley and Ant Partridge from TV show Goblin Works Garage: the presenting pair highlight which of the Lotus back catalogue they would modify and why

GF Williams: the London-based automotive photographer is best known for his hypercar images, but explains why his Lotus Exige has its own social media following

Alex Goy: the British automotive journalist and Lotus owner tells of a recent trip to Australia, where he took on the famous Mount Panorama circuit – home of the Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race – in a Lotus.

The special guest in Episode 1 is Gavan Kershaw, Director of Attributes and Product Integrity for Lotus… but better known as the legendary test driver who has helped shape the performance of its cars for more than 30 years. He’s a motorsport champion, multiple winner of the Autocar Sideways Challenge and designer of the world-famous test track for TV show Top Gear.

The podcast starts in dramatic fashion, with Gavan explaining vehicle dynamics to Rob… at more than 120mph on Hethel’s iconic 2.2-mile circuit. It was recorded at the end of 2019 and before the Covid-19 crisis.

The US LOT Sessions podcast is available through iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and ShoutEngine.