Lotus Robotics showcases latest technologies at CES

  • Lotus Robotics’ booth is located at the AI (Artificial Intelligence) pavilion at #9217, Tech East, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Centre


Las Vegas, Nevada – 9 January 2023   Lotus Robotics, the self-driving technology unit of Lotus, is showcasing its latest offerings at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company provides a range of autonomous software and services for businesses wanting to deploy self-driving technology in their operations safely, securely and efficiently. These solutions are on display at CES and include:

  • ROBO Soul: full self-driving software stack, which can be integrated into any vehicle, in any environment. The company currently offers an end-to-end solution and can provide up to level 4 autonomy, which means the vehicle can perform driving tasks such as parking and highway driving, under specific circumstances, with human override as an available option. Components of this technology are currently being employed in Lotus’ next generation electric vehicles, its hyper-SUV, Eletre, and hyper-GT, Emeya*.
  • ROBO Galaxy: a range of cloud-based tools that underpins ROBO Soul. It enables businesses to manage and analyse data, in order to increase efficiency and accessibility of their autonomous fleets. Lotus Robotics collects data from multiple sources such as sensors, road information and algorithms, so ROBO Soul can continue to learn and improve its self-driving capabilities throughout its testing and development phases.
  • ROBO Matrix: It uses real-time monitoring to provide drivers with remote safety including guidance, control and parallel driving solutions by providing real-time monitoring. It also deploys AI to continually learn from its environment and improve the safety and accuracy of its self-driving.

Lotus Robotics is currently working with multiple leading automotive brands to enable them to reap the benefits of self-driving technology. To scale its offering and deliver to customers around the world, the company has tapped into Amazon Web Services (AWS). It stores and analyses the data collected across its product portfolio on AWS, and adheres to all regulations in each market it operates in.

The company also offers a range of hardware solutions to increase adoption of self-driving technology, which are being showcased at the event, including:

  • V1: a multi-purpose chassis, which offers unlimited scalability and acts as the foundation of its autonomous driving software. It offers a modular architecture, electric vehicle battery and is available in difference sizes.
  • Robocube: an intelligent cleaning robot that has been designed to create cleaner spaces, improve efficiency and increase safety in cities. It features a full stack of Level 4 autonomous driving software that can be used in any environment. Examples of where it can be used include urban cleaning, controlled traffic areas and sidewalks.

Li Bo, CEO at Lotus Robotics, said: “We are thrilled to be showcasing our latest products in North America for the first time. As adoption of self-driving technology accelerates, we are seeing a strong demand for our solutions here and see this as a key market for us to tap into in 2024 and beyond.”

Feng Qingfeng, CEO, Lotus Group, said: “Lotus Robotics was born out of a desire to transform Lotus into to a global technology brand. We have developed a range of pioneering autonomous products to enable consumers and businesses to realise the benefits of autonomy today, and are excited to scale our solutions globally and reach even more people.”

Lotus Robotics’ booth is located at the AI pavilion at #9217, Tech East, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The company was formed in 2021 and is on a mission to accelerate the transition to self-driving technology today, by creating endless opportunities for how people and goods move using intelligent vehicles and robotics.

It has developed best-in-class hardware, award-winning algorithms and software, and powerful cloud solutions. Lotus Robotics has also won multiple competitions including the CVPR 2023 Online HD Map Construction Challenge and the 2022 Argoverse Motion Forecasting Competition.



About Lotus Robotics

Lotus Robotics mission is to accelerate the transition to self-driving technology by creating endless opportunities for how people and goods move using intelligent vehicles and robotics. The company offers end-to-end autonomous driving services including the software for self-driving, autonomous testing capabilities and data management, as well as fleet management and simulation tools on the cloud.


Note to editors

*The level of autonomy offered in each region is subject to market-specific regulation.


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