Emeya achieves record-breaking charging time, from 10 percent to 80 percent in 14 minutes

London, UK – June 10, 2024  Lotus has announced its first electric hyper-GT, Emeya, has achieved a record-breaking charging time using the public charging network. The car is capable of charging from 10 to 80 percent in 14 minutes, using a 400-kW (600A capable) DC fast charger1, making it one of the fastest charging electric vehicles (EVs) available today.  

This was validated by leading global consulting firm P3, who recently published their independent 2023 P3 Charging Index for Asia2. Emeya came out number one as the fastest charging EV that was tested against market leading global electric vehicles including Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, Tesla Model Y, Genesis G80, Xpeng G9, Kia EVP, Hyundai Ioniq 6, Nio ET5 and BYD Atto 3.  

Lotus’ ambition is to make it easier than ever to own an EV by providing drivers with the confidence to complete long-distance journeys and go wherever they need to. The report also found that Emeya can reach a peak charging power of 402kW, resulting in an average charging power of 331kW, between 10% and 80% battery state of charge – this was higher compared to the peak charge of the other electric vehicles tested. In addition, combined with a WLTC energy consumption of 18.7kWh/100km, Emeya can gain up to 310km of range in 10 minutes1.    

To achieve the fast-charging capabilities in its next generation hyper electric vehicles, Lotus uses a cell-to-back battery structure, which means that 20 percent more cells can be packaged in the same space, compared to a standard module architecture. Emeya also uses a new cooling system architecture that is designed to improve the thermal performance and efficiency of the battery.   


Qingfeng Feng, CEO at Lotus Group said: “With our industry leading charging technology available today, Emeya pushes the boundaries for how an EV performs, providing drivers with the confidence to travel anywhere. We’re bringing an unrivalled driving experience in the ultimate grand tourer package, so drivers want to go electric.” 

Lotus is committed to delivering a fully integrated charging ecosystem, in order to make EV ownership as seamless as possible. To provide consumers have the confidence to access easy, fast, and efficient charging, it is collaborating across the industry, as well as developing its own range of solutions including its own app, charging card, and ultra-fast DC fast charger of up to 450 kW. 


Partnering with Bosch and Mobilize to provide consumers the confidence that wherever they are, they will be access an easy-to-use and reliable charger 
Through the Bosch charging network, Lotus owners have access to more than 700,000 public chargers across 30 European countries including UK, Germany and France. Lotus is committed to expanding its charging network across Europe by adding additional network operators over time. 

In addition, Lotus has teaming up with Mobilize Power Solutions to unlock the home as a primary charging location by offering an all-inclusive package which includes the supply and installation of a charging point, with personalised support from ordering to commissioning. 


Creating a seamless charging experience with the Lotus Cars app and Lotus’ Charging Card 
With Lotus’ Charging Card, drivers can access the charging network with a single tap, and can find all the information they need easily via the Lotus Cars app. The app allows drivers to keep track of their charging history, manage costs and monitor vehicle battery status remotely. 

In addition, Lotus HyperOS, the award-winning in-car infotainment system in the Eletre and Emeya3, uses intelligent EV routing to help drivers locate nearby public chargers. This feature reduces range anxiety and can significantly cut travel times. The system can also suggest alternative routes based on the driver’s real-time battery consumption – all delivering an optimised Lotus EV driving experience. 


Increasing confidence in the charging infrastructure with its own charging solutions for EVs 
Lotus has designed a suite of commercial charging solutions including an ultra-fast 450 kW DC charger, power cabinet and a modular unit for charging up to four vehicles at once. It uses leading liquid-cooled technologies to improve the efficiency and reliability of charging, in order to make it to make it easier and quicker for EV drivers to charge their vehicles. 

Lotus is future proofing its technology and has designed its charging solutions to be ready for cars that have a state-of-the-art 800-volt charging system, such as Lotus’ own Emeya, as well as its electric hyper-SUV, Eletre. This technology is where the industry is accelerating towards in order to unlock hyper power charging speeds and greater charging efficiency.  

Emeya is Lotus’ first electric hyper-GT and joins a flagship model in Lotus’ line-up of luxury lifestyle electric vehicles, part of the company’s vision to become an all-electric global performance brand by 2028. It brings together Lotus’ rich design and engineering heritage, with the latest cutting-edge technologies and sportscar levels of performance to set a new benchmark for how a luxury electric vehicle should look and handle– making it truly for the drivers.  

Emeya started customer deliveries in March 2024 in China and will be arriving to UK and European customers in Q3 2024. Further information on market availability will be released nearer the time. 




Notes to Editors 

1 In optimal conditions. Charging time may vary depending on a number of factors including charging station power output, battery health and temperature, and more.   

2 Results from P3, who published their 2023 P3 Charging Index Report – Asia on 27th May 2024, which included a comparison of fast-charging capabilities of various battery electric vehicles including Emeya. The results can be found on page 9-10, and the full report itself can be downloaded here: https://www.p3-group.com/en/p3-updates/p3-charging-index-asia/

3 Lotus HyperOS has won multiple awards including iF Design award 2023.  


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