Elise Sport 220


The purest useable sports car on sale remains one of the great driving experiences available at any price. The Elise Sport 220 builds on the many celebrated Elise virtues, blending agility, power, balance and communication into one compact expression of pure driving joy. Starting with a pioneering, bonded aluminium chassis, weighing just 68kg, the Elise Sport 220 benefits from a range of improvements resulting in a further 10 kg mass reduction. A re-designed, lighter, front clam panel with wider apertures for improved cooling, saves 8.7 kg. The rear of the car now has two light clusters, rather than four, combining reversing and fog lights and adding visual width, to save 0.3 kg. The highly desirable exposed, aluminium gearshift mechanism saves 1kg and brings quicker, more precise, more tactile gear changes.


Offering 217 hp and 250 Nm of torque, the 1.8-litre supercharged, chargecooled four-cylinder has been tuned to deliver stunning real-world performance and class-leading efficiency. 0-60 mph is now despatched in 4.2 seconds, thanks to a power-to-weight ratio of up to 257 hp per ton. CO2 emissions are extremely low for the performance on offer at just 173 g/km. Stopping power is provided by AP Racing twin-piston calipers up front and Brembo single-piston calipers at the rear. Every Elise benefits from double wishbone suspension at all four corners and a sophisticated Lotus Dynamic Performance Management (Lotus DPM) system with user selectable driving modes (Drive, Sport and Off). Hethel’s acoustic engineers have transformed the aural appeal of the Elise too with a new exhaust system fitted as standard. Delivering an exciting soundtrack at all speeds, it makes the Elise Sport 220 the best-sounding Elise yet.


The driving icon has evolved to a taut, athletic form with fine proportions and road presence far greater than its size. The cabin remains a totally driver-focused, minimalist delight, lifted by the addition of the exposed aluminium gear shifter. Further weight savings can be achieved with a wide range of optional, stunning quality carbon fibre panels, a lithium-ion battery, two-piece AP Racing brakes, carbon fibre race seats, a titanium exhaust and carbon fibre sill covers which also improve ingress and egress. A new in-car entertainment system can also be ordered, including iPod® connectivity and Bluetooth® functionality.


Modifications front and back have allowed for the careful balancing of aerodynamic downforce across the whole car. Extended rubber elements mounted on the flat underside and ahead of the front wheel, together with an additional diffuser vane at the rear, help modify airflow under the car reducing drag and increasing stability.

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Max power 217 hp at 6800 rpm (220 PS) (162 kW)
Max torque 184 lbft at 4600 rpm (250 Nm)
0-60 mph 4.2 seconds
0-100 km/h 4.6 seconds
Max speed 145 mph (233 km/h)
Power to weight ratio 257 hp/tonne 
Unladen weight 924 kg


Low 24.6 (11.5)
Medium 38.7 (7.3)
High 42.2 (6.7)
Extra high 38.2 (7.4)
Combined 36.7 (7.7)
CO2 emissions 179 g/km
*Figures correct for current UK specification