Lotus Limitless: a new brand campaign

Lotus Limitless: a new brand campaign


Lotus is on a journey, transforming from a UK sports car company into a truly global performance car business and brand. The transition started in 2018 and is guided by Vision80, a comprehensive long-term strategy that defines what Lotus will look like in 2028, when it celebrates its 80th anniversary.

It is an exciting new chapter in the storied history of one of the world’s best-known and most respected car companies. To accompany the journey, Lotus has created a new brand film that defines the maverick spirit that continues to run through every element of the business. Because while much is changing, the DNA at the heart of Lotus remains; the passion to design, engineer and manufacture the most engaging cars in the world, with an approach that is rebellious, sophisticated and pioneering.

“The manifesto film highlights the fascinating and healthy tensions and multiple ‘firsts’ that this new journey brings to Lotus,” explained James Andrew, Executive Director, Communications. “New technologies, new levels of luxury, new market segments, new global territories – we are moving to an all-electric future as a premium performance brand while at the same time staying true to ourselves and to what makes Lotus Lotus; a dedication to pioneer ultimate performance and aerodynamics and that visceral connection between human, machine and road.”

Called Lotus Limitless, the film explores the conviction and dedication to reinvent, to push to improve, while staying true to yourself. At its core is the desire to seek something which inspires exploration of what it is to deliver excitement beyond the ordinary every day – such is the Lotus brand mission.

James continued: “We chose to tell a story expressing the artistry and conviction of people who look for what is possible beyond everyday rules and standards: the cyclist striving for perfect synchronicity between man and machine, the fashion designer looking for elegance with an edge, the dancer pushing his performance to the limits. They all share the personality traits which we believe are shared by both the people who create a Lotus, and by those who choose to drive one.”