Lotus Evora GT sales in USA hit new high


As the age-old saying goes, always leave them wanting more. That certainly seems to be the case with the Lotus Evora GT which, as it heads towards the end of production, has set several significant sales records in the United States.

The Evora GT is the version which sells in the USA and is the perfect balance of comfortable grand tourer and visceral performance car. Even though it’s in the last year of its life as a new Lotus product, customer demand has skyrocketed following some high-profile and highly positive media coverage. Indeed, interest has never been stronger.

Q2 2021 marked the Evora GT’s best sales performance in 10 years, boasting a 194% increase over the same period the year before. There was similar interest in Q1 too, leading Evora GT sales during the first half of the year to be 121% higher than 2020. Overall, Evora GT sales in the USA, January to June inclusive, surpassed the full year total for 2020.

The Evora GT’s success can be attributed to its class-leading dynamics and ‘For The Drivers’ philosophy. However, the US team has been making sure as many potential customers as possible know that. Its strong media profile throughout 2021, both with traditional journalists and popular influencers, has led to glowing reviews and plenty of accolades.

“Lotus delivers an impressive balancing act with the Evora GT,” wrote MotorTrend. “The Evora's ability to deliver serious performance without beating up its driver has always been its greatest strength. Such performance has increased demonstrably during the past decade, and comfort has actually improved.”

Likewise, Motor1 noted: “The Evora could laser-etch your brain with a topographical map of the threshold between the garage floor and the driveway. That road feel increases with speed, too – your hands, ear drums, and tailbone are hard-wired to the chassis by about 25 mph, so you know everything that’s going on between the tires and the pavement. ‘Turns on a dime’ was never more true than it is in this machine.” CarBuzz loved the car so much they voted it ‘Track Weapon of the Year’ in their annual awards.

Automotive influencers have also enjoyed the dynamic excellence of the Evora GT. Brian Scotto of Hoonigan Industries wrote: “This is likely one of the last true driver’s cars.” Jonny Lieberman of MotorTrend and Spike’s Car Radio recognized the Evora GT as “…a world-class sports car,” going onto say that “…if you like shifting gears, this is a top three gearshift.”

Evora production for worldwide markets including the USA will end later this year, meaning now is the time to get your hands on one. Jim Carter, National Sales Manager, Lotus Cars USA, said: “Over the past year and in the last six months particularly, the Evora GT has sparked fresh and renewed interest in the Lotus brand. With the launch of the Emira that’s only going to increase and we’re massively excited about the potential it offers to US customers and retailers. The Evora GT has certainly paved the way for the Emira.”