Eletre: Welcome to Malaysia

Eletre: Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysia has always been a strong market for Lotus, and that was among the reasons why its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, was chosen to be the first in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to launch the all-new Eletre to customers.

A carefully crafted series of VIP events made best use of the all-new, all-electric hyper-SUV, a S-spec car finished in stunning Solar Yellow with the optional carbon fibre wheels added for an enhanced stance.

The launch was executed in three parts, all staged at the city’s renowned St. Regis Hotel but each with a tailored experience based on the target audience. The first night was hosted in a bespoke and more compact environment to give the audience of existing depositors the ‘up close and personal’ time they’ve been waiting for. It was their first opportunity to see, touch, smell and experience this amazing vehicle that’s packed with advanced technology and innovation.

The second event took place during the daytime in the hotel’s spacious ballroom, with the Lotus team from across the region hosting more than 50 journalists, publishers and influencers. This event had the addition of a panel discussion led by Dan Balmer, Regional Director, Lotus APAC and Middle East, and Tengku Ezan, General Manager, Lotus Cars Malaysia. This was an opportunity for the media to ask all types of questions about the technical abilities of the car, delivery dates, prices and Lotus’ ambitious future plans.

The third event was the big finale – the grand launch – and the ballroom was enhanced to include a raised stage to give special guests the best possible view of the Eletre. The car emerged from a bespoke yellow neon illuminating ‘black box’ that had helped boost the hype before the big unveil. The event centred on a sumptuous four-course dinner for 150 customers, prospects and influencers.

Dan Balmer commented: “This has been an amazing few days in Kuala Lumpur. The feedback from the different events has been overwhelmingly positive. All guests came away with a clear understanding of the ambition of Lotus as it continues its transformation from a UK sports car company to a global performance business and brand.” 

Following the conclusion of the launch events, the Eletre continued to work hard attracting new fans to the Lotus brand. It was moved to a premium shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, the centrepiece of a stunning pop-up display that continues to raise the global profile of Lotus and the Eletre.