A unique way to appreciate the Lotus Evora

Hein Noortman

To enjoy the beauty of a Lotus you don't necessarily have to see the car – a point proven by blind owner Hein Noortman, who has purchased a bright blue Evora.


In 2016, he suffered a serious climbing accident in the Alps which led to the total loss of his eyesight. Despite the daily challenges he faces, Hein remains a keen car enthusiast, explaining: “I now enjoy other things in life much more. I love talking to people about a shared hobby like cars, for example.”


Hein lives in the Netherlands and through visiting motor shows with friends he has taught himself to get a good picture of cars by touch. He feels them by running his hands over the bodywork, often wearing white cotton gloves.


“By sensing cars, I translate what the car looks like. I also often feel from the materials how something is made and whether it is beautiful or not. I really enjoy the lines of the Lotus Evora. Everything is very tightly put together and that gives a great feeling.”


That led Hein to visit Van Der Kooi Sportscars, in the town of Houten, and ultimately buying one. Hein admits that he’ll spend his time in the passenger seat and is hopeful that he’ll get to enjoy his purchase properly on a test track sometime in the future.


“I always thought the Evora was a cool car and a beautiful car to admire. Then I went on a test drive and I felt how precise it is. Because it is such a great driver's car, I really enjoy the sensation it provides – even though I’m not driving it – by listening to the sound and by feeling it move.”


For many people buying a Lotus is a decision of the heart, but the Evora has also been a practical choice for Hein. “This Evora is a 2+2 with a small rear seat and this is very handy because I will soon have my guide dog who will be able to come with me!”