Vision80 is the multi-faceted and long-term business transformation strategy that brings together a wide range of projects and activities to revolutionise Group Lotus.

Matt Windle, Managing Director, Lotus Cars, explained that it’s called Vision80 in reference to the timescale of the plan. “The name came out of the process. We started working on it in 2018, the year of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Lotus. The purpose is to look 10 years into the future, to when Lotus reaches 80, and define what it should look like at that point.”

He added: “Vision80 means we can look far enough ahead to see beyond the everyday operational issues, and start to work on where we want to be as a business.”

The goals of Vision80 are divided into three pillars – delivering results every year, revolutionising the product range, and transforming the entire business.


Delivering results every year

  • Vision80 is built on the foundation of delivering all our business objectives every month and every year
  • Delivering sales volumes and efficient production is an key enabler to sustaining the business to support new programme and business growth
  • We must maintain the confidence of shareholders and demonstrate to the wider world that we are on track and will succeed


Revolutionising the product range

  • Over the next decade the product range will be completely transformed with a greater range of sports cars and though major expansion into other vehicle segments
  • Future Lotus products will remain true to the product DNA and embrace Geely group technologies in connectivity, electric propulsion and advanced driver assistance systems
  • The quality of our cars and customer service will fully meet expectations in the sports and luxury markets
  • All new models will be developed for global sale with the US and China key to growth


Transforming the entire business

  • Every facet of the business will be transformed, supported by an extensive range of strategic change projects
  • The brand positioning will evolve aligned to the product range growth
  • The profile of Lotus will be raised dramatically so we are recognised globally as a leading sports car brand
  • Lotus will become a global company with multiple locations across the world. Hethel will remain the home and heart of Lotus
  • Business processes, systems and IT will reach industry-leading standards
  • We will foster a strong culture and a highly-engaged and motivated workforce to deliver our shared ambitions and common goals