Lotus Engineering: advanced consultancy services for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers

Lotus Engineering is the internationally renowned consultancy division of Group Lotus, providing a comprehensive range of technical services to many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Committed to driving forward technology with precision and passion, Lotus Engineering is a global business which continues to spearhead research into areas such as advanced powertrains, lightweight materials, and ride and handling optimisation. It all starts with the DNA of a Lotus car; the Lotus Engineering team is focused on leveraging what is already being developed for Lotus cars, with the constant demand for innovation at the heart of its work.

Engineering excellence at Lotus has always been expressed through three core competencies – exceptional chassis and vehicle dynamics, a lightweight design, and overall aerodynamic efficiency. Every Lotus car must have these, and the expertise that Lotus Engineering can offer to third-party clients has always been driven by that trio. That will never change.

Today the technology portfolio of Lotus Engineering is categorised under three pillars:

  • EXPERIENCE: advanced design, Human Machine Interface (HMI), user interface (UI), user experience (UX), ergonomics and haptics, active noise, driver engagement
  • PLATFORM: concepts, structures, architectures, propulsion, manufacturing
  • DYNAMICS: ride & handling, lightweighting, aerodynamics, simulation, chassis systems

While the automotive industry is the heartland of Lotus Engineering, as a consultancy with more than 40 years of experience its design excellence and problem-solving expertise have been used by clients from many other industries. These have included elite sporting performance, aerospace, boat-building, medical research, furniture and much more besides.

“As an engineering consultancy and manufacturer of performance cars designed to excite, our breadth of technical knowledge and understanding is unrivalled,” commented Richard Moore, Executive Director, Engineering.

“Although Lotus cars are created for pure-bred thrills on the road and track, our clients often want our expertise in other areas. As the world moves to an electrified future, our services, technologies and manufacturing capabilities make us unique.”

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